Eventgraphics.com is a full service in house graphics and print shop designed to specifically service the needs of event rental companies, trade show producers and event planners. We offer from local sign shops and printers in how we work and the varied services we offers. With close to two decades of experience in the special event industry, we are able to be your in house print department solely as a printer or to offer full spectrum design services.

Eventgraphics.com is a sister comany to MEF, www.moderneventfurniture.com. MEF designs and produces furniture, decor and printing products speciffically for the special event industry. MEF manufactures and wholesale it's own brand of printing media in a wide array of colors and textures, adhesive, banner, floor graphic film with non skid laminate and printable carpet all engineered specifically for the event market. As a distibutor of law tack foil and color media for print and cut plotters as well as removeable printable adhesive media with a transparent backing MEF's graphic media offers an incomparable competitive advantage.

Event Graphics has seamless printing capability for banners up to 5.1m or 161/2',full color printed event carpet from 1m or 31/4' to 4cm or 13' and sub-limitation of 60" wide. We offer in house sewing,graphics design,vinly welding and more. Locally we offer installation and delivery services in our Montre-al Canada base directly on any substrate from acrylic or glass panels to dance floors,wall murals and window graphics in venue. We are able to print and ship in record time top customers globally through our house logistics department and daily US bound deliveries.Our pricing is designed fro industry professionals to be able to resell our product,let us be your in house print shop!

Using the newest technology digital equipment,we are able to work very quickly, and in small runs. We are open to your ideas and concepts and under-st and the time constraints of the event industry!

We love being put up to challange and are only limited by your imagination!